Checking in on the new swarm

Its been about a week so it’s about time to see what’s going on with the swarm that came to my backyard.  It’s earlier than I want to check on the hive, but soon someone will be replacing the fencing near the hive so I don’t want them nor the neighbors to freak out about bees flying over their heads.  I’m going to bring this to where my other apiary is.

Going back to the bees themselves, they’re a bit different from the honey bees that I’ve received from my other ones at the other apiary.  The swarm look smaller, have darker stripes (darker colored in general), and buzz around faster and with a more direct path.   These were really calm when I was going into the hive, so I’m thinking these may not be Africanized bees, but I haven’t personally had to deal with those yet. I’ve been reading that typically the swarms are calm in the first couple of weeks.  After 3 weeks or so we will see their true temperament.

I’m not sure if it was fast or not, but they went ahead and cleared out the cotton ball that was placed in the hive as bait, and practically half of a letter size paper was shredded and brought outside.  Also, they started to develop some burr comb that was attached to the migration cover.  There was some open space next to the frame that was previously built out so it was perfect to build something extra there.  I should’ve taken a picture, but I was too engrossed into trying to fix the problem.  I had to run around all over the house getting the unbuilt frame, finding nails that would work with the frame, building the frame, marking up the frame, and obtaining rubber bands that were still usable.

Not bad for being the first time to build a frame.  This is a medium which is the wrong size for the hive, but at least the rubber bands fit.  A few chunks had to be ripped off the burr comb, but luckily it was minimal and they barely had anything in this comb.

Pro tip: make sure that the rubber bands are surrounding the comb when moving it around.


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